On the Train (And Out the Window)


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The electric cables

The electric cables.

We applaud the cool heads that prevailed and kept the trains running on schedule today — no worries about how to get to work this morning. So for those of you who are hanging out and waiting on the platforms, we offer a few shots of what you may not notice. As you know, we celebrate beauty in unexpected places. IMG_4992

Signal lights

Signal lights.

Undeveloped land

Undeveloped land.

Middletown platform.

Middletown platform.

heading into the city.

Heading into the city..

Found Art

Sidewalk Painting 2

By Julie Seyler

One of my favorite pleasures is finding a work of art outside the traditional museum and gallery venue.

There is something so satisfying in seeing the beauty in found art. Perhaps because it is unexpected. Perhaps because it is new. It doesn’t matter.

I had a painting teacher who told me “The more you see. The more you see.” How true. So when I amble, I look.

In the morning, when I leave the gym, I walk along the Hudson to the bus stop. For me, the rusted cement made fabulous abstract paintings.


There is always a floating dock stationed at Pier 60 and looking west I can see through it to the northern New Jersey shore. There is a deep sense of space when framed in a photo.

chelsea piers

The pier in the background is being re-purposed into a super cultural/shopping mecca which will make the whole area a round the clock traffic jam. For now it still harks back to its history.



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