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Pete Lee, pictured, is a 68-year old post-collegiate lacrosse player who plays with a pacemaker.

Yesterday The Times ran this about Jason Kidd’s back spasms. The vibe was that he’s old, a “veteran,” and, “When the Knicks cobbled together their roster this summer, they emphasized experience. As they did, there were inherent risks. Now they were the oldest team in the N.B.A., and if a key veteran or two were injured, issues involving chemistry and depth would arise.”

Yes – a 39-year-old Knick is news. But there are scores of unheralded athletes who still play their beloved sport way past 39, 50, 60. I wrote this article for Inside Lacrosse magazine last summer about lacrosse players (some in their 60s) who continue to play with much more than a back spasm – including pacemakers, colostomy bags, knee replacements, hip replacements …