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If I raise my eyebrows, my bangs are almost where they’re supposed to be.


I got my hair cut yesterday, and my beloved bangs were over-snipped. This has ruined me at least until Christmas, when they will be back where they should be – below the eyebrows. I miss my bangs. I feel beautiful with my bangs! I take great care of my bangs. I don’t need Botox (bangs = sunblock) because of my bangs. I love my bangs.

So, while I feel a bit off with only half a bang, the good news is, it is one thing I can count on to grow back.

And although, I pay no attention whatsoever to the reams of opinions and press on how older men and women should or should not wear their hair, apparently bangs are back in style, ladies. (I had those Zooey Deschanel bangs in the late ’90s.) I think they are always in style. And I have always had bangs.

I had them in 1960

I had them in 1964

Check out the ’80s!

Here’s early ’90s,

And here’s 2011 (bad pixels, but great bangs):