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I took a bunch of photos after the last storm, secretly hoping that would be the only big nasty snowfall of this winter. No such luck. Here we are again, with everything – porch furniture, garbage pails, hedges, cars – transformed into weird white domes. The icy street is an invitation to a fenderbender, and the boardwalk is a desolate, wind-whipped wasteland.

It feels wrong to see the beach covered in snow and seabirds perched like furry gumballs on the lake ice between Bradley Beach and Ocean Grove. But then up and down Ocean Avenue you see surfers in wetsuits trudging across the frozen sand to ride the waves, happy to have the water toBob snow 2 themselves. So what if the water’s 39 degrees – the air temp is in the 20s, so by comparison it’s warm. The boardwalk in Asbury Park is all footprints and tire tracks, and the Stone Pony has mounds of snow outside. But summer lingers in our hearts.Stone Pony

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