life changers copy


A small window into the passage so far, midway to 100:

Breathing, crying, separation, family, learning, playing, growing, spirit, school, sports, friends, parties, puberty, sex, college, work, studying, disappointment, fear, enthusiasm, joy, apathy, drinking, drugs, freedom, fun, travel, independence, decisions, passion, money, marriage, no-marriage, no-kids, kids, responsibility, exhaustion, love, standards, scrimping, saving, pride, toiling, debt, windfalls, goodbyes, letting-go, crises, beginnings, changes, moving, buying, selling, weddings, births, grandma, grandpa, divorced, thinking, loss, arthritis, wisdom, cancer, heart, satisfaction, acceptance, astuteness, focused, happy, scared, Botox, fillers, wrinkles, flab, exercise, doctors, death, betrayal, beauty, parent-less, appreciation, pain, care-giving, chance-taking, don’t-give-a-damn, determination, unknown, reality, anticipation, unbridled, unchartered, burdened, alive, breathe …