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carrots and bl olives


Is anyone as passionate about carrots as I am? I eat carrots every day. Sometimes after a full meal out, I still crave a carrot. I love them with cheddar cheese, tuna fish, and always in salads.

The other night I was really hungry, and there was no food in the house except a bag of carrots and black olives. I decided to pair them. I peeled and sliced five carrots, combined them with pitted black nicoise olives, added a smidgeon of olive oil, a pinch of salt and some ground black pepper. It was delicious. Then I remembered we had Marie’s Super Chunk Blue Cheese Dressing in the fridge. My low cal/low carb snack morphed into the equivalent of a hot fudge sundae, but was sublime.

After I concocted this delectable sidebar to a meal, I looked online to see if there were any official recipes for a black olive and carrot salad. Its a natural pairing. On the website Myrecipes.com, the recipe called for feta cheese and an olive oil and lemon dressing, so the second time I made it that way and it was way more poignant than with the blue cheese dressing. It’s definitely on the menu for my next party!
mix with dressing.