toe cyst copy copyBY JULIE SEYLER

It’s been a long six weeks. I had toe cyst surgery on April 8 and for two weeks could not put my foot on the ground. Instead I hopped around, using a walker for support. I took a shower sitting on a plastic chair. I went to work and sat at my desk with my foot elevated and came home and sat on the couch with my foot elevated. It was boring and tedious.

Then I graduated to the boot. It meant movement, but not mobility. It didn’t matter. I was thrilled because I could venture outside. That’s when Steve and I made it to the Orchid Show, albeit with him pushing me around in a wheelchair.

Lois would constantly remind me how fast the time was passing and I would constantly reply “Only if you are not in a boot.” Limitations in mobility slows time down. Patience, which I have none of, is mandated. I counted each day.

But I have said farewell, dear boot. I shall not miss you. My metatarsal head is growing bone. So from there sutures 1to here after sutures, I guess it did go pretty fast.