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the point systemBY JULIE SEYLER

I begged my friend to write this blog since he is the architect behind this guide to healthy living known as The Point System, but he refused. Instead I am the messenger and part of the message I was commanded to deliver was to stress the simplicity, flexibility and originality of his plan. So here it is.

The goal is the usual: staying on track for a healthy lifestyle via daily exercise and eating right. Because he tends to be slothlike and indulge in P.M. potato chips and A.M. bagels, he came up with this idea that he would give himself a point every time he did something “beneficial” for his body with the initial goal being to rack up 3 points a day. So, he gives himself one point if he:

  • Rides his bike to or from work; or
  • Goes to the gym (actually he has decided this is worth 2 points); or
  • Foregoes a bagel for breakfast; or
  • Eats very few white carbs; or
  • Does not eat between meals.

He said at the beginning it was difficult to get 3 points in a day, but now he needs to increase his daily challenge to 5 points a day and plans to eventually up the quota to 100 points a day. He has also added another point-based activity:

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

As anyone can see, The Point System is amazing. Not only is it as elastic as a rubber band, but you get to custom design it to fit your needs.

My only comment is that he should get a bonus point for reading the blog.