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Raznov fortress.

Raznov fortress.


I had an art teacher who said “The more you see, the more you see.”

It is true. I have never ceased hearing her speak that axiom, especially when I travel. There are the guide book sights to see and check off the list (the Painted Monasteries, Notre Dame, Big Ben, etc.) and then there are the crevices that make paintings.

Window. Sighisoara.

Looking up a window. Sighisoara.

We were in Romania for 14 days and although we spent all of our time visitng medieval monasteries and exploring medieval fortresses  while residing in medieval towns, I never got tired of seeing it. So while I made sure to hit the destination spots, it was what I did not expect that delivered so many revelations.

This is the staircase in the 13th century Clock Tower in Sighisoara. descending staircaseThe cityscape was an interlocking maze of houses, narrow and dense in their intensity of direction. P1280472And then there was the myopic view:

Close up of a wall on a home in Sibiu dating back to the 15th century

Close up of a wall on a home from the 15th century

What is the best part is that each photo brings me back to that day in that place at the time I snapped the photo. Ergo I get taken back to Romania.