“The calla lilies are in bloom.” Courtesy of Sunset Flowers.


This post is dedicated to Lois, who is way more than just a party girl. Anyone who reads her, feels her compassion, joie de vivre, and savvy perception of the peculiarities and charms of daily living. She captured the evening of June 27 in less than 1000 words, and created a gift that will last forever in my heart. Lola, thank you so much! We need a martini date!

And to everyone who commented and shared Lo’s post on social media, thanks.

Me, with my disdainful attitude toward social media, is having an intimate dance with Facebook. Don’t ask me why but, I say let it rip because I am loving my 15 minutes of fame.

I wonder why? Perhaps it’s something as simple as I feel safe. There is someone to watch over me…

I also want to thank:

Lucy for dreaming about a red shoe shower:

Red shoe shower.

Red shoe shower.

John, our pianist, who recorded the most beautiful rendition of the Satie waltz, “Je Te Veux.”

Pat and Bill for making our brunch a success despite the MIA caterer.

Ali and Bill for much needed pots and pans, AND for providing all that yummy Blanc de Blanc!

Jen my office mate, who despite pressing and urgent legal matters, found time to review shoe, jewelry and Spanx options with me.

Deb, who always kicks in to gear and saves the day.

Laurs for being my flower consultant, vase consultant, wedding dress consultant, rearranger of unwanted pockets of fat and all-around support system on EVERY thing:

Laurs practices the bustle

Marianne for being Marianne, and everyone who knows her knows what I mean. She is gracious, and kind; thoughtful and organized. She loves laughter, and loves to laugh, and always brings joy to the table.

Anita because she is my mom, and was a perfect mom through wedding planning.

Naomi because of her pragmatism and thoughtfulness. She made the appointment at David’s Bridal that led to finally securing a dress to wear.

Linda for my gorgeous flowers.

To my father — I think every girl has a secret wish that her Dad will walk her down the aisle.
Dad and me

xo to everyone.