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Earring trees; The Nesting Rack (tm); Julie Seyler

Earring rack: 3 Diamond Strips and 7 Red Roses. 12″x16″


Perhaps you saw my FB posting on January 13 announcing that I had made a series of displays for dangly earrings and that they were for sale on Etsy. If you missed that post, here’s another sales pitch.

Please spread the word that each one of these earring racks are original, hand-crafted and unique. These are pieces of art that serve a function.

If you or someone you love wears exotically wonderful earrings or you just want a different type of message board, (you’ll need safety pins to attach the note), please check out the earring racks on my Etsy store called The Nesting Rack, because all earrings need a safe place to nest.

Earring trees, The Nesting Rack (tm), Julie Seyler

3 Diamond Strips and 7 Red Roses (with earrings). 12×16″