Eating Symi shrimp in Symi, Greece.


So I am 61.

And entering my seventh decade. (That sounds older than 61.) Steve and I are celebrating in Greece. Game plan was to take the 9:25 ferry from Symi to Kalymnos:


We arrived and asked at the closest kiosk: “Where do we board the ferry?”

Answer: “No ferry. Problem with ferry. Go to Symi Tours.”

We followed those directions. And saw this sign:


So off we went to Symi Tours, which confirmed that there is NO WAY to get to Kalymnos today. We could go to Rhodes at 4:00 and then maybe there will be a ferry, but nothing could be confirmed or promised.


Birthday dilemma.

We could not get back into our room because we were in a private house and locked the door on our way out. We have to find a room!


Locked out of the Castello Venetsiana.

New plan: put on our bathing suits and take the water taxi to the beach in Symi, which as of this writing, we remained. And which is hardly a place in which to be bummed out while stranded in: