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Allenhurst Beach. Photo by Julie Seyler.

Allenhurst Beach, unobstructed. Photo by Julie Seyler.


Have you heard about Project Glass? The Google(y)-eyed glasses that will bring computer-generated images, audio, and more, right into your eye through a mini projector that is embedded into the frame of the glasses. They will make your computer portable. And in your face.

While still in prototype phase, and expected to launch in 2014, Google is working to make these glasses look less geek, more sleek, and more like … glasses. So, here comes the sunglasses.

We, at The Write Side of 50, believe that sunglasses should not be messed with. They are less a shield, and more an ornament. A necessary accessory – right up there with big, dangly earrings, high-stepping shoes, and red lipstick and mascara.

So, we have donned our sunglasses (to add a little sparkle to our homepage) in anticipation of the long, sultry summer days when we will be sunning on our favorite beach. (All ogle, no Google.)