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There is weirdness in the world today. I have a list of things I have seen, heard, read or experienced that makes me wonder has the civilized universe always been this silly or is it more silly because of the Internet, You Tube, the absence of boundaries, a hankering for 15 minutes of fame, and a belief that any infraction to personal space means a million dollar reward.

It seems a devoted New York Yankees fan fell asleep while the Yankees were playing the Boston Red Sox.

ESPN picked up on the fan’s snooze.
ESPN filmed his nap and commented on the propriety of sleeping through a baseball game.
The video was uploaded to You Tube and a Major League Baseball website.
The sleeping fan was made fun of.
The sleeping fan was not happy about the publicity.
The sleeping fan has demanded 10 million dollars, yes 10 million, to be compensated for this public defamation and the mental anguish he suffered.

It’s difficult for me to understand why ESPN and its mass following gained so much pleasure of posting images of someone sleeping at a sports event. Maybe the guy was tired, but it is incomprehensible how this guy believes that he deserves money for sleeping. Perhaps the attorney representing him is the one that deserves some Internet generated attention.

Anyway, for the moment this is old news as George Clooney and the Daily Mail fiasco become the trending topic.