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Unlike Lois, I am not an adventurous cook. When she told me about the corn marshmallow combo I reacted with my usual pronouncement- “Yiska Lo that sounds awful!” Not only because candy-coated vegetables are counter intuitive, but because summer corn sings unadorned. My corn goes from the farmer’s market to the grill without a stripping, and that basically sums up how I cook.

Unhusked corn on grill.

Unhusked corn on grill.

All meal decisions are governed by the same rule: simplicity in taste and preparation. (Well almost all. I did attempt coq au vin and that was a truly detail oriented project). But in the summer where the tables at the Farmer’s Markets are laden with locally-grown fruits and vegetables and beach time, followed by cocktail hour, is key, there are two rules: (a) less is always more and (b) prepare in the A.M. With this one I couldn’t even manage to bring out a whisk to blend the lemon juice and olive oil.

onions 1

Slice one yellow squash, one zucchini, 2 medium red onions.
Squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon over the medley.
Add some fresh ground pepper and sea salt.
Toss in a few garlic cloves (mince them if you prefer).
Pour on olive oil to coat vegetables.
Shred fresh rosemary, oregano and thyme- and I guess any other fresh herbs that are handy.
Toss and marinate 4-8 hours.
Grill (or roast at 400 degrees) for 45 minutes or longer if necessary, tossing and turning frequently.